What do our divers say?

We are pretty confident that you will have a wonderful time and an unforgettable diving experience with us. But you don't have to take our word as the ultimative truth!

Therefore, we invite you to read what some of our divers have said about Playa Scuba and their time with us on the following independent review sites:
(If you also got something to say about our services, we will be glad to read your opinion about them)

"If you're in Playa del Carmen on the Mayan Riviera look up Playa Scuba with Luis and Klaus. They took the group I was with to the Dos Ojos Cenote for some fresh water cave diving. I felt very comfortable in a cave environment with them." - Cloverdale Travel

"...This is definitely a repeater for us. I'd like to see some other cenotes on future trips, but would certainly return to Dos Ojos as well. I will definitely do this with Playa Scuba as well. The logistics and communication went smoothly. The guides are clearly very experienced and skillful divers who know what they're doing. They're enthusiastic about cenotes and convey that to those who dive with them. Their serious focus on safety was clear without being dire." - mstevens at Scubaboard.com

"I dove with Klaus from Playa Scuba Dive Center ... and yes I am highly recomending them as they were just fantastic and their pricing is hard to beat also.This is a small dive shop out of Playa del Carmen. And they take a maximum of four divers out at a time and actually make a day trip out of it for no extra charge ... We even stop for Tacos at Klaus's favorite place then go to visit the jungle air fill station then off for dives in the Cenote's (we were three when I went). All I can say is that it was just Fantastic and so was the little dive shop." - rk1 at Scubaboard.com

"We were lucky to bump into Luis from Playa Scuba Dive Center... right at the beginning of our trip ... Because the price was very attractive, I thought that we'd be diving in a large group (like my dives in Cozumel), and the whole experience would be akin to a production line. However, nothing could have been farther from the truth. The groups were 4 or less, and it seemed that Luis' goal was not to make money, but to make sure that we had a safe and pleasant experience. I had never been in the cenotes, and Luis took the time to explain everything very carefully. He was able to gauge our abilities to create challenges to push our comfort zone, yet keep the dives pleasant and safe. There was no question in my mind that he was the perfect person to certify my friend, and perhaps even spark an interest in my girlfriend to do a Discovery Dive.
In the end, I did 14 dives with Luis, and my friend did her open water dives among several others. By accompanying us to the cenotes (Luis didn't charge us to have her come along to snorkel), my girlfriend not only became interested in diving, but she ended up doing her Open Water course in 2 days! And she did it in the natural setting of the cenotes, rather than a swimming pool."
- yarek at Scubaboard.com